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The modern approach to LAB diamonds

Premium Cut. Premium Material. Premium Performance.

Brian Gavin Premium Lab with Hearts and Arrows

Preset Lab Diamond Jewelry

What Is Brian Gavin Lab?

Brian Gavin takes pride in unveiling the LAB collection, a series characterized by an unmatched brightness and sparkle factor, showcasing lab-grown diamonds that echo unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation. These diamonds, initially received as rough lab-grown crystals, are transformed under Brian Gavin's precise specifications, maximizing light performance across a variety of cuts including the modern Round Brilliant, Cushion, Emerald, Pear and Oval cuts.

Our Unique Differences:

BG Premium Lab Collection

At Brian Gavin, we take immense pride in leading a transformative journey in the world of lab-grown diamonds, setting unprecedented benchmarks of quality and craftsmanship. Our exclusive partnership with Clarity Diamond™, a visionary rough producer based in Austin, Texas, signals the advent of a new era in diamond production, an era where brilliance is not merely an attribute but a guarantee.

Harnessing a distinctive, patent-pending technology, our CVD material is nurtured in Texas, where it undergoes a singular growth cycle that significantly amplifies its transparency, grants it a superior colorless quality, and magnifies its innate brightness, forging diamonds that are not just larger but radiate a brightness that is unparalleled. This innovation marks a clear departure from the norms, as we consciously avoid the commonplace post-growth HPHT treatment that is prevalent in the industry, choosing instead to preserve the pure allure and supreme quality of each diamond.

Embodied in every gem is the manifestation of our patented processes, a testimony to impeccable craftsmanship that brings forth diamonds exhibiting perfect hearts and arrows, achieving an impeccable Performance® that promises a SURE SPARKLE® with every glimpse. Our enthusiasm to elevate lab-grown diamonds to an elite pedestal aligns harmoniously with Clarity’s zeal to redefine the boundaries of technological advancements in this domain.

Together, we stand as a beacon of innovation and excellence, proud to introduce diamonds that transcend the conventional 4Cs, offering an experience that is not only visually magnificent but also ethically superior and technologically groundbreaking. Our collaborative endeavor encapsulates similar values and beliefs, uniting to deliver diamonds that are truly a class apart, heralding a new standard in the lab-grown diamond industry that is as inspiring as it is beautiful.

BG Deluxe Lab Collection

Following our celebrated BG Premium Lab Collection, Brian Gavin presents the Deluxe Lab Diamonds – a thoughtful juxtaposition of quality and value tailored for the pragmatic enthusiast. Embracing a balance, these diamonds, while crafted with slightly more relaxed parameters, retain a distinct charm. They exhibit a graceful interplay of light, accompanied by the characteristic Hearts and Arrows patterning, ensuring they don't forgo allure.

Our Deluxe diamonds are sourced from both Generic HPHT and CVD material, providing a broad spectrum of beauty with an eye on affordability. Authenticity and transparency remain at the forefront, with each diamond graded by IGI, ensuring our customers have a reliable measure of its quality.

The Deluxe Collection epitomizes the essence of approachable luxury, resonating with those who appreciate a blend of charm and practicality. In essence, while the Brian Gavin Deluxe Lab Diamonds might cater to a more value-conscious segment, they remain a commendable choice for those who appreciate a tasteful sparkle without stretching their limits.

Which Collection is For Me?

When deciding between BG Premium and BG Deluxe, consider the origin, quality, and design characteristics you value most.

BG Premium Lab Diamond Collection focuses on Brian's patented process for maximizing light performance, sourced from single growth cycle crystals from Austin, graded by the premier Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and comes with an AGS Ideal report

BG Deluxe Lab Diamond Collection offers a blend of global materials, a cut quality that matches or exceeds other precision-cut lab diamonds in the market, and graded by the IGI.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

A lab-grown diamond, also known as a cultivated diamond, it is a stone that replicates the physical, chemical, and optical properties of a natural diamond, but is created through controlled, technological processes in a laboratory setting, rather than being mined from the earth.

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