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FAQs and Guidelines

Brian Gavin LAB Diamonds


1. What’s the difference between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds?

Natural diamonds are mined from the earth and are commonly known as earth-mined diamonds. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory. As such, the chemical composition is virtually identical to natural diamond.

GIA has written an excellent article on the subject:

There are currently two methods for producing lab-grown diamonds:

  • a) HPHT is an abbreviation for “High-Pressure High Temperature.” We do not use HPHT material to produce Brian Gavin Signature Lab-grown diamonds because sedimentary-like layers of brown undertones are a side-effect of the process.
  • b) CVD is an abbreviation for “Carbon Vapor Deposition.” Brian Gavin uses select CVD material that is grown in Texas. After years of research, we partnered with an amazing Company “Clarity” that has a unique patented growing process.

    Unlike most companies, Clarity is able to grow the crystals in one shot irrespective of size. In contrast, other growers must interrupt the process and create the crystals with multiple layers.

    In addition, the lab-grown crystals by Clarity are warranteed to not undergo any post-growth treatments, whereas most lab-created CVD diamonds do require treatment to improve color. During the grading process, if GIA cannot determine that there has been no post-growth treatment, their default is to note that the diamond has evidence of post-growth treatments. 

    The advantage of using the higher grade material by Clarity is that it has greater transparency. Coupled with the Brian Gavin patented process for exacting light performance (patent #link) we’re able to provide you with the most brilliant and sparkly Lab-grown Hearts and Arrows diamonds on a global scale.

2. Why is BGD selling Lab-Grown Diamonds now?

We are providing our clients with the option to buy Hearts and Arrows lab-grown diamonds with our BG Premium Lab Series by popular demand. In other words, we are responding to a growing number of client requests for lab-grown diamonds that exhibit the superior performance that our patented process delivers.

Brian feels that it’s our responsibility to provide our clients with the best sparkle factor available. In that case, we’ve spent the past two years researching the various methods of growing lab-created diamonds. As a result, we’re able to provide our customers with another first in the realm of high-performance diamonds.

3. Wasn’t BGD against Lab-Grown Diamonds? Did you change your opinion?

We were not against lab-grown diamonds, but don’t think that they offer the same value as natural, earth-mined diamonds.

Ultimately, we just want to ensure that our clients get the best sparkle factor available whether they prefer natural or lab-grown diamonds.

4. Are BG Premium Lab Diamonds the same as Brian Gavin Signature Natural Diamonds?

Brian Gavin Premium Lab-grown diamonds are cut to the same exacting standards as our natural Signature diamonds. In that case, the proportions and the degree of optical precision are comparable. It’s the combination of those factors that produce the exceptional light performance that defines our brand.

5. Now that you have BG Lab Diamonds, why should I buy a Natural Diamond?

Let’s be real. There is an inherent value with natural diamonds that is undeniable. There is also something magical and mythical about natural diamonds that lab-grown diamonds will never be able to duplicate.

It takes billions of years for natural diamonds to form deep down within the earth. In contrast, the growing cycle for lab-created diamonds is relatively brief.

There is also the premise that natural diamonds are forever, but the life cycle of lab-created diamonds is yet to be determined.

Our research shows that the majority of brides prefer natural diamonds. Obviously, there is a small percentage of people who see value in spending less to achieve a similar look. However, it stands to reason that the majority of people feel like something is lost in translation (or the transaction).

6. How do I know that my Signature Diamond is Natural and NOT Lab-Grown?

There are 2 major differentiating signs.

  1. The diamond grading reports clearly indicate whether the stone is a Natural diamond or Lab-grown diamond.
  2. Black by Brian Gavin, Brian Gavin Signature, Blue, and other collections of natural Brian Gavin Diamonds, bear the respective Brian Gavin logo/mark on the girdle edge. In contrast, our Premium lab-grown diamonds only bear the document number and the words LAB GROWN so that the origin is unmistakable.

7. Can I upgrade my BG Premium Lab Diamond to another BG Premium Lab Diamond?

Yes. However, the trade-in value will be determined based on current market pricing for lab-grown diamonds.

All other upgrade policies apply - see main site for details.

Upgrades DO NOT apply to BG Select Lab Diamonds.

8. Can I upgrade my BG Premium Lab Diamond to a BGD Signature Natural Diamond?

Yes. However, the trade-in value will be determined based on current market pricing for lab-grown diamonds.

All other upgrade policies apply - see main site for details.

Upgrades DO NOT apply to BG Select Lab Diamonds.

9. Can I upgrade my BGD Signature Natural Diamond to a BG Premium Lab Diamond?

At this time we do not facilitate trade-ins from natural to lab-grown diamonds.

10. What is the return policy?

15 days same as BGD Signature.

11. What is the Difference Between BG Premium Lab and BG Select Lab Diamonds?

Every BG Premium Lab diamond is owned by us, graded by the AGS or GIA with additional AGS light performance report, and cut to Brian's patented, strict standards.

The BG Select Lab diamonds are housed at different vendors and manufacturers around the country and are usually graded by the IGI. Once purchased, every "select" lab diamond is brought in house and personally examined by Brian Gavin who gives it his Stamp of Approval. 

All perks like upgrades and buybacks only apply to BG Premium Lab Diamonds.

12. Can I make an appointment to see a lab-grown in person?

Yes, with a minimum of 48-hours notice.

13. Can I special order a BG Premium lab-grown diamond?

Yes. However, it is a custom, non-returnable, non-refundable purchase. This is based on the availability of material - contact us for your specific requirements.

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