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A modern approach to diamonds

Premium Cut. Premium Material. Premium Performance.

The Clear Choice for Responsible Diamonds.


Diamonds produced with modern technology.


Produced with concern for human and environmental well-being.


Responsible management of power, water, chemicals, and waste materials.


Concerned with Right Conduct in everything we do.


A top research team with multiple patents.


Diamonds grown in Austin, Texas. Cut in Responsible Facilities in the U.S. and Around the World.

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known or cultivated diamonds, embody the zenith of technological innovation and craftsmanship in the gem industry. These diamonds are not mere replicas but masterpieces that harmonize the physical, chemical, and optical characteristics of natural diamonds, cultivated meticulously in controlled laboratory settings.

The creation of lab-grown diamonds hinges on two predominant methodologies:

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD):

This technique employs a diamond seed positioned within a chamber infused with a rich carbon-gas mixture. The subsequent ionization of gases dismantles molecular bonds, facilitating the deposition of pure carbon onto the seed. This meticulous process fosters the crystallization of carbon, gradually crafting a diamond over several weeks, showcasing not only an improved transparency but also a heightened colorlessness and an unparalleled brightness.

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT):

Mimicking the formidable conditions deep within Earth where natural diamonds forge, this method transforms a carbon source, typically graphite, into a crystalline diamond structure, courtesy of extreme temperatures and pressures and the presence of a metal catalyst.



Each piece in our Brian Gavin by Clarity Diamond™ collection is defined by three core principles:

Exceptional Quality, Environmental Responsibility, and Proudly American Grown. Allow us to take you through the unique journey that transforms an exclusive lab-grown diamond into a masterpiece of sparkle and brilliance.

At the heart of the Brian Gavin by Clarity Diamond™ lineage is an undeniable aspect of exceptional quality. Cut to our pateneted process of maximizing light performance these diamonds are sculpted to perfection, revealing an exquisite beauty that resonates even to the naked eye. Every facet works synergistically to capture and radiate light in a manner that redefines the brilliance associated with lab-grown diamonds.

Experience the SURE SPARKLE® emanating from our premium selection that features 3EX hearts and arrows rounds along with premium cut fancies, epitomizing the pinnacle of craftsmanship and elegance. Crafted through a patented single growth cycle CVD process*, these diamonds embody a natural aesthetic and an uninterrupted growth trajectory, devoid of visible growth lines. The inherent color and the absence of post-growth enhancements render each Brian Gavin by Clarity Diamond™ truly unparalleled and unique in its league.

In our pursuit of excellence, responsibility stands as a pivotal pillar. At the Clarity facility, relentless efforts are directed towards diminishing our environmental footprint and advancing towards a carbon-neutral status. The process reverberates with a commitment to the well-being of both humans and the environment, marked by prudent management of energy, water, chemicals, and waste.

By channeling close to 50% carbon-free energy, sourced predominantly from wind and complemented by solar and hydro-electric inputs, we are steadfast on our journey towards achieving a 100% carbon-free operation. It is a conscious endeavor that epitomizes responsibility, bridging luxury with sustainability.

American Grown
Traceability and authenticity form the backbone of the Brian Gavin by Clarity Diamond™ collection. Nestled in Austin, Texas, our state-of-the-art facility takes pride in nurturing diamonds that are quintessentially American Grown. Through advanced tracking systems, we offer you a transparent insight into the journey of each diamond, fostering a connection that is both personal and informed.

GIA Graded
Our allegiance to quality and transparency is further cemented with the prestigious GIA grading that accompanies every Brian Gavin by Clarity Diamond™. The diamonds bear a laser-inscribed girdle, distinctly marking them as “Laboratory-Grown,” along with the GIA report number.

In addition to the comprehensive GIA grading report delineating the esteemed 4Cs, we are delighted to present the AGS Ideal® Report by GIA. This exclusive report encapsulates the light performance grade, offering a nuanced insight into a diamond's luminescent journey, an affirmation of its unrivaled ability to enchant through its luminous dance of light.

(* Please note that some lab-created diamonds in the premium collection are cut from HPHT material originating from our initial production, before we transitioned to using Clarity CVD material. If you have a preference, It is clearly stated in the comments section of the certificate. All stones in the Premium Collection are cut to Brian's strict standards for light performance.)


Meet the Brian Gavin Deluxe Lab Diamonds - a harmonious blend of quality and value, designed for those who seek elegance without compromise.

Balanced Brilliance: While crafted with slightly relaxed parameters, each Deluxe Lab Diamond showcases a dance of light and Hearts and Arrows patterning, ensuring a captivating brilliance.

Versatile Beauty: Sourced from a blend of Generic HPHT and CVD material, these diamonds offer a diverse range of beauty and affordability.

IGI Graded: Graded by IGI, these diamonds provide a reliable measure of quality, ensuring you receive a gem that meets high standards.

Accessible Luxury: The Deluxe Collection is an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between exceptional brilliance and attainable luxury.

Verdict: Brian Gavin Deluxe Lab Diamonds are a stellar choice for those who desire a beautiful sparkle with a touch of affordability, making them a cut above the mainstream while remaining accessible.

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