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What Is Brian Gavin Lab?

Brian Gavin is proud to unveil a lab-grown diamonds collection with unparalleled brightness and sparkle factor. We start material grown using Clarity's Carbon Vapor Deposition (CVD) patented process. Then, we polish the crystals to Brian Gavin's exacting specifications for maximizing light performance in the modern round brilliant cut diamond.

Our Unique Differences:

  • The CVD material we use is created in Texas utilizing a unique process (patent pending) that grows the material in a single cycle, which improves the transparency and overall brightness of the diamond
  • There is no post-growth HPHT treatment applied to enhance the material
  • The diamonds contain perfect hearts and arrows and are cut to our patented process to maximize light performance.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

Natural diamonds are mined from the earth and are commonly known as earth-mined diamonds. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory. As such, the chemical composition is virtually identical to natural diamond.

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